Human Ressources Department

Who It is for?

The customer is for the HR department of a large global company. 

Company Challenges?

  • Difficulty in tracking and managing employee information: The HR department faces challenges in keeping track of all employee information, including personal details, employment contracts, benefits, and performance records.
  • Time-consuming manual processes: HR staff spend a lot of time on manual processes, such as manually entering data into spreadsheets, which reduces their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Lack of data consistency: There is often a lack of consistency in the data entered by HR staff, leading to errors and inaccuracies in the information.
  • Difficulty in generating reports: The HR department struggles to generate reports and insights from the data they have collected, as the data is often spread across multiple systems and in different formats..
  • Inadequate employee engagement: The HR department is finding it difficult to engage with employees and provide them with the information and support they need, due to the limited access to data and manual processes.

The Solution

CEErtia was chosen as the solution to this challenge. CEErtia’s advanced AI and cognitive technologies enabled the HR department to digitize all their employee records and automate the HR processes. The HR team simply had to upload the employee records into the CEErtia platform and CEErtia took care of the rest. The platform processed the documents according to the set of controls defined by the HR department, such as data verification and compliance checks.